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    3 Types of Back Surgery and Potential Side Effects

    Less invasive back surgery

    It’s not a coincidence that the term “backbone” has become synonymous with the foundation or basis of something. Brain and spine physicians will be the first to tell you that your back really is one of the body’s most crucial components.

    Fortunately, serious back problems aren’t one of the most common conditions you’ll run into, but when you do they can be excruciatingly painful and incredibly expensive. Overall, musculoskeletal disorders cost the U.S. about $850 billion annually. In order to treat many of these requires a back surgeon and going under the knife. Here are a couple of common procedures back surgeons do every day to get you back on your feet and back to action. Bad pun intended.

    1. Spinal Fusion: Probably the most common procedure spine surgeons engage i

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