Treat Acne the Natural Way!

    How to treat eczema

    Most of us would like to believe that our skin problems will end once we say goodbye to our teenage years, but for some people, that is not the case. Acne can continue long past high school. Between the ages of 11 and 30, 80 percent of all individuals experience acne breakouts to some degree. Whether you suffer from body acne, forehead acne, neck acne, or moderate acne on your chin, you are no doubt hoping to learn how to get rid of acne once and for all. You have doubtlessly tried a number of mainstream acne treatments, most of which contain acids that cause skin breakdown and irritation. Most of those adult acne treatments may work in the short term, but rarely clear up acne for good.

    Likewise, perhaps you have eczema, the symptoms of which include chronically itchy, red, dry skin. 90 percent of all people with eczema experience their first bout prior to the age of 5. Those with childhood eczema have a 50 50 chance of continuing to experience it into adulthood. Though there are some medications used to treat eczema, their effectiveness is not guaranteed, and some have unpleasant side effects.

    Luckily, both acne and eczema can be helped greatly when exposed to natural ingredients for skin care, and these days, there are a whole host of products that fit the bill. Many lotions, astringents, and face masks are chock full of natural ingredients for skin care that do not over dry or irritate skin. One of the best substances fitting the bill when it comes to natural ingredients for skin care is green tea extract. Because green tea extract contains a number of potent antioxidants, it is amongst the best natural ingredients for skin care, helping skin maintain a proper pH balance which heals acne and encourages a supple, youthful appearance. Of all the many natural ingredients for skin care, gree tea extract may be the most effective. Check out this website for more.

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