3 Million Teeth Are Knocked Out Every Year at Sporting Events

    Emergency dental care

    If you were watching the NBA semi-finals recently, you may have seen the incident where Boston Celtics player, Isaiah Thomas, had his front tooth knocked out during a very physical play. However, you don’t have to be a professional basketball or hockey player to lose teeth. It is estimated that up to 3 million teeth are lost each year through various kinds of sporting incidents. Even in situations where players are routinely wearing protective mouth pieces, teeth can be damaged or accidentally knocked out by opponents or equipment.

    In these instances, there are many solutions that a dentist might use to repair missing or broken teeth, however, dental implants are the one remedy that offers the most natural look and feel of real teeth. At the moment, only a small number of dentists ac

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    3 Disorders And Diseases That Often Go Undiagnosed In People

    Alternative therapies for digestive disorders

    Do you suffer from a diagnosed or undiagnosed disorder like migraines, depression, anxiety disorders, or digestive diseases? You might not think you need to see a doctor, get a diagnosis, or get a treatment plan, but more often than not it is detrimental to not seek a doctor?s advice and treatment if you feel like you might suffer from a long-term disorder or disease. Possible treatment plans could include anything from lifestyles changes, to switching diet practices, to medicine, to natural remedies depending on the doctor you choose

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    How Employee Benefits Plans Are Creating Happier, Healthier Workers

    Group insurance

    Your job should support you through thick and thin. This means consistent pay, an environment you feel safe in and, especially important for many, reliable health insurance. Employee benefits are quickly becoming the dealbreaker for many adults, providing them the peace-of-mind they need to continue working full shifts alongside balancing a family. Your benefits plan should be analyzed inside and out to make sure you’re receiving the most out of your given field. Without it you leave yourself open to more stress, less support and the likelihood of having to switch when your company isn’t proving sufficient.

    Employee Turnover

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