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    Weekend and Evening Injuries and Illnesses Can be a Challenge

    With an ankle nearly twice its normal size and a set of running clothes covered in stickers, you set out to look for one of the closest urgent care locations. at mile 10.9 of her first half marathon, your 17 year old daughter rolled her ankle, tumbled down a small hill and had to quit the race. Fortunately, another runner who had his phone allowed her to call you. Already waiting at the finish line, you abandoned that spot and drove to pick up your daughter.
    Luckily, her unfortunate fall occurred very near a trail where she could hobble her way to a road and within minutes you were heading to a nearby walk in medical clinic. Wanting to get an x-ray as soon as possible, you were already reworking the Thanksgiving day schedule in your head. Your husband and older daughter were already heading over the river and through the woods to the annual family feast, and you were hopeful that you and your youngest daughter would not be far behind. The only question being would today’s travel in

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