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    Why Speech Therapy and Support Is Important to Improving Stuttering

    Stuttering is a speech disorder which shows itself in the repetition of sounds, words, and interruptions in speech. A person affected by this disorder has no mental difficulty in constructing what they wish to say, it is that they experience trouble with producing auditory sentences smoothly. This disorder by also include facial tics or spasms in the eyes or lips which can also impede the function of communication. If you have a child struggling with this disorder, there are speech therapy options that you may find beneficial in helping strengthen your child’s speech.

    Speech and language Disorders: The Therapy Benefits

    Speech therapy for those experiencing stuttering can help with:

    • Reducing the frequency and severity of stuttering.
    • Decrease the struggle when speaking, and alleviate some tension.
    • Assist with social skills development and word/situation avoidance.
    • Improving communication skills such as proper phrasing, eye contact, and g

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