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    Why You Should Go to Urgent Care and Not the Emergency Room for the Flu

    Flu and colds are a common part of life, regardless of how old one is. In just a year, one billion people get colds and the flu and seek treatment from doctors. Many think these are situations that require going to the emergency room because of how bad they feel. The truth is, an urgent care center is a better bet for people who need help recovering from their illness. Learn more about why urgent care is the best choice rather than the emergency room or your normal doctor.

    There’s Less of a Wait

    If you need help and you’re feeling miserable, it’s highly unlikely you want to wait a long time to get seen. With a walk in clinic or urgent care center, you can avoid this problem by simply going when the facility is open. Over 80% of urgent care clinics are open throughout the week, making this more accessible than the average doctor’s office, which has 9-5 hours. If you don’t want to wait another day for an appointment, go early, and avoid the same wait you’d fa

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