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    What Happens After Bunion Surgery?

    Bunion surgery before and after

    Your feet hold you up through everything you do. They carry you through work, see you through a long day with the kids and help you with your weekly exercise. It can be startling when you lose your ability to walk, stand or run like you used to. A bunion is when you develop a bony or swollen protrusion either on or around the big toe. These can be caused by a variety of different factors, though at the end of the day the pain is the same. If you find yourself getting this condition over and over again, it’s more than possible you’ll need to look into bunion surgery to prevent further breakouts.

    The origin of bunions, the severity of bunion surgery pain and what happens after bunion surgery will all be looked at below to help you out.

    What Is A Bunion?

    The f

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