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Proton Therapy an Advanced Cancer Treatment Option

Treatment for breast cancer

There are a variety of advanced cancer treatment options currently available. One of these is proton therapy for cancer, which is a targeted form of radiation. Proton therapy is being used to treat these and other forms of cancer:

    Brain cancer
    Breast cancer
    Head cancer
    Neck cancer
    Prostrate cancer

One of the many benefits of this type of non-invasive cancer treatment is that because it targets specific areas, it doesn’t continue beyond the tumor in the way that conventional radiation d

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Having Syringes for Diabetes on Hand Could Make All the Difference

Best walkers for seniors

Everyone ages. Somehow, society has developed a widespread negative mentality regarding age and the elderly. Even though a long life is what everyone aspires to, there is something of a stigma on aging itself, and too often the elderly of the community are shunned or forgotten in some way or another. This poor treatment and unrealistic mentality need to change on a large scale. If everyone knows that they will live comfortably and be taken care of when they grow older, no matter how diminished their health or mental states are, then there can start to be a shift in how we collectively perceive getting older.

This would apply to many aspects of society, from social media and the beauty industry to health care. As it stands, there are some nursing homes and retirement communities that provide

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Are You Tired of Waking Up Exhausted?

Medical equipment naples fl

Worn out.
No matter which vocabulary word you select, the feeling is the same. After knights of waking up several times from your spouse is snoring, the lack of sleep is taking it’s toll. As tired as you are, however, you’re also beginning to understand that your spouse is just as exhausted as well. While you are waking up from the noise that your significant other is making during the night you realize that neither of you are getting the rest that you need.
After having a pretty lengthy discussion with a coworker, in fact you have realized that the exhaustion you are experiencing has likely kept you from seeing the real problem. When you listened to your coworker explain how much better both she and her husband feel after address

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Three Reasons You’re Going to Be Glad There’s a Medical Clinic Near You

Physical therapy burien

Many things have changed dramatically in the medical field over the last few decades. There is no question that technology has greatly been enhanced and the application of that enhanced technology has helped many people move forward on the road to healing and recovery.

What has also changed over the last several years has been the manner and method by which everyday care and emergency care alike have been carried out. A decade ago, if you had thought about going to a medical clinic for some kind of treatment, you likely would have thought that was the only option because you were too far away from a real hospital or doctor’s office. They might not have been equipped to handle much more than basic problems. These days, that is not the case at all.

The need for more medical clinic facilities around t

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5 Ways to Relax During a Stressful Time

Cocaine addiction

Everyone always talks about how to help someone with an alcohol addiction or cocaine addiction or other drugs. But sometimes, in all the flurry of addiction treatment programs and interventions and other things, the family members and loved ones of the addict can be forgotten. If you have a loved one that is struggling with an oxycodone addiction or some other kind of addiction, then you probably know what this article is talking about. It’s the caretaker stress. There is so much effort and focus put into getting the addict help that the people that are helping can get forgotten. I

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