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    Say Yes to Changing Your Life Why Rehab Is the Option for You

    Ontario rehab centre

    Admitting that you’re at fault in an argument is easier said than done. Many people struggle to come to terms with their error in judgment, even if the other person adamantly pressures him or her to acknowledge it. Owning up to your wrongs in a two-sided conflict is difficult – but for many people, the real battles are when there is nobody else is around.

    Such is the case for many alcohol and drug addicts, who weather their storms internally and constantly fight the urge to seek help. Whether his or her resistance stems from stubbornness, fear, denial, or a combination of all three, an addict can easily fall into a mental trap that prevents him or her from finding the path to health. If you feel caught and vulnerable, or have a loved one in mind who is, keep reading to learn why it’s important to over

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    Biotech Investors Spend Millions Each Year, but Only a Handful of Drugs are Approved

    Clinical drug development

    With increased pressure on medical research studies to develop and implement new drugs, the amount of clinical trials performed ever year continues to increase. Although only a very small number of clinical trials result in the widespread distribution of a new medication, there are millions of investors hoping that they pick the right biotechnology startups. Clinical trials are comprised of four parts, and as new medications pass each section of review, the chances of the project coming to fruition increase.

    The first step of clinical trials is referred to as Phase I or a Phase 1 clinical trial, and research teams administer an experimental medication to about 75 people. They are trying to evaluate the medicati

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