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    When Can Can’t Wait But Isn’t an Emergency, There Are Medical Urgent Care Clinics

    After hours urgent care

    The best place to seek out care is always your primary care physician. The problem is that they are not always open when you have something come up like a sprained ankle or a bad cough. When you fall on the tennis court on Saturday morning, you cannot head over to your primary care doctor’s office for the to look at your ankle. You probably do not want to have to go the emergency room. The good news is that you are probably not far from a medical urgent care center. Medical urgent care centers are in all 50 states and most have hours both at night and on the weekend. What are the benefits of going to anafter hours urgent care?

    1. They are convenient. Medical urgent care clinics were developed by emergency rooms to fill the need for walk in medical care. Many allow you to res

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