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    Know Which Three Scenarios Warrant a Visit to an Eye Specialist

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    Most people know when they need to see the doctor, or the dentist, but do you know when to see an eye doctor specialist? When it comes to your eyes, there’s definitely some murky ground between what is in the realm of the eye doctor and what can be handled by your general doctor.

    Pop quiz!

    If your eye is injured, who should you go to? The doctor, or an eye doctor specialist?

    If you said the eye specialist, you’re wrong. Immediately following an injury, you probably need to go to the emergency room in order to receive care that could save your eye. Afterwards, for follow-up, you might go to your eye doctor. If you’re interested in getting the best care for your vision, then here are three scenarios that mean visiting the specialist first.

    Eye Infection

    Most pe

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