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    How Can a Herniated Disc Be Repaired?

    Treatment of spine problems

    Each year, Americans spend about $50 billion in an effort to treat back pain, according to the ACA. One common cause of back pain is having a herniated disc. The discs in your spine are gel-like cushions that sit between your vertebrae. When a disc becomes herniated, or bulges, materials from inside the disc might escape into the spinal column where they can interfere with nerves, causing pain, or sciatica. Although many people find that a disc can repair itself over time, for others, herniated disc repair is necessary to fully combat the painful symptoms and disabling pain. When a herniated disc does not repair itself, individuals generally have two options.

    Non-Invasive Therapies

    Herniated disc repair can sometimes be achieved through external therapies, such as laser therapy,

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