Science is Giving Depression Sufferers Some More Options

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    In the United States of America, drug and alcohol addiction are quickly becoming epidemics. It is hard to pin down exactly where it all starts and there is no particular part of the country that lends itself, particularly to addiction. What we do know is that many more people, every year, need help breaking the addiction cycle.

    Treatment centers are available around the nation and drugs to help you get off drugs are being developed all the time. For many, addiction can be so powerful that it be extremely difficult to get their lives back on track. Opiate addiction programs, cocaine addiction treatment, and using Read more ...

    Have You Considered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Treat Your Depression?

    Counseling services

    Are you seeking treatment for ongoing stress or an anxiety disorder? If so, you may be interested to know that both of these conditions are quite common in the United States, and are highly treatable.

    Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other mindfulness-based therapies have been shown to be quite effective in reducing and resolving stress, anxiety, and other issues. Furthermore, CBT is also effective as a therapy for depression, which is another common condition.

    Meditation, which is a mindfulness-based practice, can assist with providing stress relief. A recent study showed that after 6 to 9 months of engaging in a regular meditation practice, 60% of the participants ha

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    Three Tips for Natural Hormonal Support

    Removing toxins from the body

    The balance of hormones in your body is a delicate system, like a tightrope walker. If your hormones lean a little too much in one direction, the results are disastrous. Unfortunately for most women, as they reach menopause, their hormones tend to get a little frantic and bounce from one extreme to the next. Some of the symptoms of a hormone imbalance include metabolic health issues like weight gain, insomnia, mental issues like depression and anxiety, fatigue, and feeling mentally fuzzy. As you can imagine, it’s very difficult to function while living with a hormone imbalance.

    If you seek medical care for a hormone imbalance, doct

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