When to Go to an Urgent Care Facility Instead of the ER

    urgent care facility

    urgent care facilityPeople often forget about urgent care facilities and then head straight for the ER. The difference between an urgent care facility and the ER is that at an urgent care facility you are seen quickly for an urgent matter that may not be an emergency. The ER is more equipped for life-threatening emergencies, while the urgent care facility will see you for anything from cold symptoms to a back injury. Here’s when you should consider going to an urgent care facility, rather than going to the ER:

    1. Go For Minor Illnesses
      Feeling under the weather over the weekend? Whether you’ve got the flu or a sinus infection, visit the urgent care facility to get the treatment you need. According to statistics, 85% of urgent care facilities will be open every day of the week! Therefore, at an urgent care facility, you will be able to see one of the local doctors whenever you need to. Walk in appointments are usually available. There’s no need to visit the emergency room for a stomach bug when you can quickly go into an urgent care center.
    2. Get Your Injuries Checked Out
      Have you fractured your leg? Are you suffering from back pain? Let the urgent care facility help you out. So many people, including 40% of those enduring lower back pain, will not see a doctor or therapist to care for their injuries when they really need to. Did you know that every four out of five urgent care facilities will have fracture care options? If you think that you’ve broken a bone, you should go to the urgent care center to get it checked out.When you visit the emergency room for a minor sprain or ankle fracture, you may have to wait a long time before being seen by the doctor because of all of the other emergencies doctors will need to take care of. However, if you choose to visit and urgent care center, chances are that you will be seen a lot quicker.
    3. Take Care of Your Sexual Health
      Many urgent care facilities will provide sexual health services. You can go to an urgent care center for consultation regarding your sexual health, get tested for sexually transmitted diseases, and learn about vaccination options.

    The urgent care facility is meant to help you care for most of your medical needs. If you want to be seen by a doctor fast for a non-life-threatening issue, the urgent care facility is the best place for you to go. Your health matters, so take care of yourself by visiting an urgent care facility.

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