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    Where Do You Go When Your Children Announce in the Middle of the Night That They Are Sick?

    Advanced diagnostic and laboratory services

    The itinerary is a little crazy. The last show choir competition is this Saturday and the call time is 4:15 pm because the contest is three hours away. Your 15-year old daughter’s group performs first so that means that she has to have her hair and makeup ready before she ever boards the bus. Her plans include going to bed on Friday evening by 6:00 pm. She will set her alarm for 2:00 am and one of her friends will come over so that they can get ready together. The good news is that her friend will give your daughter a ride to the school and you can sleep in until 4:00 am before you begin the drive yourself.
    The plans were in place and the schedule was had little room for any mistakes. It is going to be a wonderful last performance. It is only Wednesday, but you are already makin

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