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    Do You Need a Catheter? 6 Tips for Safely Using It at Home

    Catheter plugs

    Catheter use is nothing new. Their use dates back about 3500 to ancient Syria where the people created early catheters from reeds to help people who were unable to drain their bladders naturally. They were called “Katheter” and this was a reference to any kind of instrument or even catheter plugs that were inserted. The word was derived from the Greek word, “kathiemai.” This meant “let down.” The modern, flexible catheter was invented by Benjamin Franklin, in 1752, who wanted to help his brother when he was suffering from bladder stones. Back then this was a big deal, today people can go to any medical supply store and get what they need.

    Today, catheters and other devices to help people with urinary continence issues of all types has become a glo

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    What Is IVF and How Can It Help You Conceive?


    What is IVF, or in vitro fertilization? IVF is an assisted reproductive procedure that helps couples conceive. As a 2013 Gallup poll found, the overwhelming majority of adults in the U.S. — over 90% — either have children, want them, or wish they had had them when they were younger. Many couples find it difficult to conceive naturally, though. If you and your partner are struggling with infertility, IVF might be an option for you.

    What percentage of couples have trouble conceiving?
    Having problems with fertility isn?t rare. In fact, 12% of married couples have trouble conceiving or carrying a baby to term. Infertility can have many causes ? it can stem from blocked fallopian tubes, low sperm count, or a combination of other factors. Sometimes the causes of infertility are unknown.


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    After Mold Inspection and Unhealthy Food Conditions, Salmonella Outbreak Spreads in Florida

    Mold testing panama city

    Health officials in Florida are looking into a Salmonella outbreak that could be linked to a Fermandina Beach restaurant.

    According to Food Safety News, at least five confirmed cases and three more likely are related to Salmonella after eating at the same restaurant, Pablo’s Mexican Cuisine, a family-owned Florida restaurant.

    “We can confirm that the department is investigating the incident at Pablo’s Mexican Cuisine and DBPR [Department of Business and Professional Regulation] conducted an environmental assessment,” said Brad Dalton, deputy press secretary for the Florida Department of Health. “We will have more information when our investigation concludes.”

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