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    What Are Your Options When It Comes to Sleep Apnea

    Sleep apnea mask

    Sleep apnea is an unfortunate conditions that sadly affects hundreds of thousands of Americans. Indeed, the condition is thought to be prevalent in as many as 18 million Americans — and some don’t even know it. About 2-4% of all Americans have an undiagnosed case of the condition. It is quite serious because of the risks presented by it — people who go untreated for the condition are three times more likely to suffer from heart disease.

    Luckily, there are many ways one can treat the condition itself. There are a large range of products one can try to alter the position of the jaw during sleep, thus opening up the upper airways to receive more oxygen. Check out a comprehensive list of the treatments for sleep apnea right here:

    CPAP Masks
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    Hormone Replacement Therapy Is This Right For You?

    Testosterone replacement options

    Everybody wants to get older, but nobody wants to look older. This a basic fact of life. Aging is particularly hard on women. We tend to experience a much higher level of aging symptoms than men do. While men maintain their fertility and don’t undergo the dramatic changes of a process like menopause, women find that their bodies and their minds undergo a massive change over a short period of time. There are ways you can combat these changes in your everyday life, through diet and exercise. But while these might have some positive mental effects, they don’t change much about the physical side effects of menopause. These physical effects can really change how women view themselves, triggering other problems like depression. Luckily, while you can’t change some of the more permanent parts

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    What Makes Your Pharmacy Perfect for You?


    Healthcare in this nation can be tricky. But the truth is, when it comes down to it, that everyone deserves and has the basic human right to have access to good healthcare and to a system that does everything in its power to keep everyone healthy. Of course, this is more easily said than done, but there are many aspects and branches within the healthcare system. One vital branch is that which supplies patients with the over the counter medicine and prescriptions that they need to feel better. Pharmacies are often the middle step in a recovery process, following the doctor visit and preceding the home care.

    How a

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    Don’t Let the Social Stigma of Mental Illness Keep You From Seeking Help When You Really Need It

    Inpatient mental health facility

    Perhaps one of the most amazing and complex features of our body is the brain. However, recently the field of neuropsychiatry has become increasingly prevalent as scientists and doctors evaluate the connection between neurology and psychiatry in order to better treat neuropsychiatric conditions like depression, eating, mood, and neurotic disorders, and degenerative diseases, such as Alzheimers disease or Parkinson’s disease. With over 350,000,000 people globally affected by depression in some form and between seven to ten million people worldwide having Parkinson’s disease, the field of neuropsychiatry is certainly one that’s generating a considerable amount of interest. Mental health h

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