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    Family Care Physicians Are There When You Need Them

    Neighborhood health clinic

    In this day and age of growing concerns about our healthcare coverage and the expenses that go with it, we want to get the most value out of it. We’re spending every dollar as wisely as possible and choosing our doctors as best we can.

    One of the things that can really hurt financially is an unexpected trip to the emergency room. A trip you might not have to make if you could see your own doctor. But it’s after hours and the only place that will take you is the emergency room at the closest hospital. Depending on the injury, you could end up spending thousands of dollars. Family care physicians who have a connection with after hours urgent care facilit

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    Care for Your Prized Employees — Employee Benefits for Small Business Owners

    Small business employee benefits packages

    For those who own small businesses, the focus is usually primarily on attracting and keeping the best talent they can possibly find. Any business is only as good as the quality of its employees, and small business owners often find it a tough ask to attract and retain the kind of talent that would help the business surge ahead in a competitive market. While it is not legally required for businesses to offer this, many small business owners, in a bid to attract and retain the right talent, offer a number of important and inviting employee benefits. Employee benefits for small business owners is one thing that can help ease tension, keep employees happy, combat friction and aid retention.

    Employee benefits like health insurance, paid leaves, vacations and retirement funds are som

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    How a Chiropractor Can Benefit You

    Affordable chiropractic

    Many people underestimate the benefits of chiropractic work. They can be confused as glorified massage therapists but this is far from the truth. While massage therapy is very beneficial in its own way, it is not a alternative method for pain management and even surgery like chiropractic adjustments are. Massage therapists have to attend a certain amount of hours in massage therapy school and then they can begin their career but to be a chiropractor requires a very involved educational program that requires dedication and commitment. It is not an easy career and not something that should be taken up lightly. Years of education go into being a chiropractor and not everyone that starts finishes.

    Doctor of Chirop

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    Does Your Youngster Need a Fun Activity? Try a Preschool Gymnastics Program

    Top 10 childrens gymnastic moves

    There’s no question there is a big health problem with today’s kids. They eat too much and they don’t get enough exercise. According to the government?s Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 74% of kids ages 5-10 do not get at least 60 minutes of physical activity. And about 40% of the daily calories kids ages 2-18 eat are either empty calories from sugar or come from solid fats. That’s a recipe for disaster, because those habits of not enough exercise and poor eating tend to get worse the older people get. That’s why it’s a good idea to get kids started early with healthy eating and plenty of physical activity, and one way to do that is with programs that teach preschool gymnastics skills.

    Most preschool-aged children find gymnastics classes to be fun. There are a number of

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